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Official Tiny Bubbles® F.A.Q.



1. This game is too complicated! Can I just see a summary of all the rules?

Yes! When you're playing a puzzle, pause the game and press the (?) button. Currently this in-game manual is only available in English.

2. What is the dotted line empty circle at the top of Foam School?

Earlier in the game, after completing the Roadblock puzzle, you unlocked 5 bonus tickets that were waiting at this spot. Once collected, the spot no longer does anything.

3. Any good tips to get me through Fresh Pond?

Consider that you only have a limited number of moves per play. It takes at least 2 moves to make a mixed color (such as green, orange, or purple) from an empty bubble. Focus on matching primary colors like red, blue, and yellow. Sometimes it's better to just pop a single mixed color bubble (by cutting on the outside with the scissors) than to try and match with it. Brown bubbles are even worse, they require at least 3 moves to create from empty.

4. What's the best strategy for Wildlands?

Wilds are important to make often (when enabled). Wilds not only help you make matches, but when the wild finally pops, a wild will release one additional color for each non-wild bubble that it matches. Collecting additional colors will help you get groups of 10 of a single color, which will earn you additional moves.

5. Why is there a 3 hour time-limit in Infinity Mode?
I paid for this game!

I wanted to design Tiny Bubbles so that it could be enjoyed by both hardcore puzzle players as well as more casual gamers. The hint and powerup system was added for players that want occasional help, but I didn't want the hints to be unlimited. I want them to be coveted and have value. The tickets are earned through thoughtful gameplay, not just idle clicking. The Infinity game is time-limited to give value to the tickets so you'll use them only when you really get stuck.

6. What are the rules for when creatures pop bubbles?

Stars that want to escape will break any outside edge, even if they are in a shadow bubble. Stars that want to be together will break into another star's bubble. When a bubble containing a creature is deflating due to a match, the bubble may become too small for its inhabitant. In this case the creature will escape to the outside and swim away or, if escape is not possible, it will pick a random edge and break into a neighboring bubble.

7. Why does the Jelly Crab break an edge sometimes and not others?

Normally the Jelly crab is happy to just be in his bubble, foraging for particles along the walls of his bubble. However, if he notices a star (his favorite meal) in a bubble connected to his, he will aggressively pursue his prey and break the edge. For other cases when the crab may break a bubble, see question #6 above.


1. Why doesn't my Android tablet (or iPad) sync with my phone over Google Cloud (or iCloud)?

The player profiles on two devices will coexist at the same time. So if, for example, you want the iPad to play the game on the iPhone, you'll need to open Settings > Players and switch to the iPhone player (they may have the same name, but you can change it). Afterward, you can delete the players that you no longer want. Sometimes, the players will not yet be saved to the cloud. In order to save them, you'll need to select a player in Settings and then do something like complete a puzzle or rename the player. A tiny blue cloud icon should appear next to a profile that has been saved to iCloud. It may take a few minutes for the save to appear on your other devices. Make sure your app is updated and has a build after version 1.2. If you're still having trouble, please message us above.

2. How do I transfer my progress from an old phone to a new phone?

Some devices have the ability to transfer your old data from your old phone to the new one. If that’s not available you can use the game’s cloud save features, available on iOS and Android devices: 1) On your old phone, go to in-game Settings (gear icon), then swipe over to the PLAYERS page. 2) If you’re already logged in (this is the case on Apple devices), you’ll see a blue cloud icon on your player profile. Otherwise, you’ll need to log in to your Google account using the cloud button at the bottom-left corner. 3) Play a puzzle or two and by then the progress should have been saved to the cloud. You can check for the cloud icon again on the PLAYERS page. 4) On the new phone, install Tiny Bubbles and return to the PLAYERS page. 5) Log in and within a few minutes your old profile should appear.


1. How do I check which version I'm running?

From the Tiny Bubbles map, go to Settings (Main Menu on PC/Mac/Linux or gear icon on mobile devices), then over to > Credits. Scroll to the bottom. You should see the BUILD version at the very bottom.

2. I'm stuck in Infinity mode without any bubbles. How do I make the fish blow more?

This is a bug that was fixed. Please update Tiny Bubbles. If you're still having the problem after updating, please contact support above.

3. My app is crashing and text isn't showing the right words. Is there a fix for this?

YES! Version 1.3 fixes this problem. Please update here.

4. The game crashes or quits to the home/launcher screen. What's going on?

Make sure your device has at least 1.5GB of RAM. Tiny Bubbles may not run well on some devices when they are at or below 1GB RAM. Also make sure to update and if you are still getting a crash, please contact us.

5. I started the game and my progress is lost! What's going on?

Tiny Bubbles can't save your progress if you don't have enough storage left on your device. Make sure you have at least 1GB free storage when you're playing. If you have enough free space and are still losing progress, please contact us.

6. I did all the hints exactly, but the puzzle won't solve. Is this a bug?

Hints tell you where to go but not the timing. It's up to you to determine exactly when to fill the color or cut an edge. If you still can't solve it, use the links at the top of this page to get more help.


1. Why is the price of the game different on different platforms?

Game prices naturally vary in different markets. For example, the game The Witness is $40 on Steam and only $10 on mobile devices. Also, for Tiny Bubbles, some platforms contain additional content and features. Tiny Bubbles is free-to-play in some markets, but these versions have locked content and are ad-supported. The price to remove ads and unlock additional features is the same as the price of the paid/premium game on similar mobile platforms.

2. When are you going to release on Switch/Xbox/Etc?

Stu is our only full-time person (everyone else helped during the development of the game), so it takes a lot of time to support existing platforms as well as release on new ones. Stu has to do all the coding, artwork, marketing, customer support, testing, and more. He's working hard to bring the game to as many platforms as possible. At this time we haven't made any short-term plans for release on Switch or other consoles, but we are thinking about it!

3. Why hasn't the feature I requested been added?

See answer to question 2 above. Not all features can be added due to time constraints, but we do keep your requests on the task log. Your feedback is very important to us.

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